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The Goddess Lives Within T-Shirt - Black and Gold


Where does the Goddess live? WITHIN! That is... within YOU! This top was made to remind us of the beauty every woman carries inside. I want my clothing to be a reminder that we all carry beauty deeper than outward appearances... and also serve as an inspiration to explore the MANY beautiful, wild, deep, sexy, powerful, playful, intuitive, and just wildly creative facets inside of us.

Each shirt bears the words: "The Goddess Lives Within" and has an upsidedown triangle design with a dot in the middle. (The upside-down triangle has long symbolized woman - her breasts and her yoni marking the sacred three points of the triangle... and the dot in the middle is called a "bindu" marking the presence of consciousness).

This top is made from 100% cotton and will last you a long time. You can wash it without worry of fading, though I don't recommend drying it in the dryer!

***We also have a slightly different version in Dark Grey - Turquoise - Light Grey **** 

The Black top is made from a VERY soft, stretchy & luscious material. It is more thin and light, but has a wonderful "free" feeling on the body.  The print is made with a dark copper-gold color, and will not fade after washing.


This top comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. The model is wearing the SMALL size.

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