Hi + Welcome!

I'm Alisha,

designer + curator of this collection, and the "blonde vagabond" who birthed this brand.

Blonde Vagabond creates bohemian-inspired, one of a kind clothing from upcycled fabrics.

Your piece is ONE of a kind because we don't produce new fabric in order to make it.

To hear the birth story of Blonde Vagabond, listen to this Spotify Podcast below!

Or check out this link if you don't have Spotify.

Each item is made from saree fabrics as part of a buy/sell/trade initiative with the women in India.  I work with an organization that trades CASH or KITCHEN SUPPLIES to any women in India wanting to trade out their used sarees.

Thus, you have beautiful, silky one-of-a-kind bohemian dresses and women in India benefit as well! ;) 


"Upcycled" fabric helps save the earth from manufacturing processes, which waste resources & create pollution.


Most of our fabrics have silk content.  

Because they are upcycled, I do not know the origin of the fabric and cannot make guarantees about percentages of silk content.

But you will find your piece is flowy and beautiful!


Our pieces are classic bohemian styles and built to last, encouraging slow fashion.

Just as every flower on this earth is unique, every piece we create is special. 

I also offer jewelry + vintage finds from my travels.


Our Commitments:

~ to honor mother earth through ecofriendly materials, sustainable practices + recycled packaging

~ to create wearable beauty on this planet

~ to be grateful for what we have

~ give back to others through our donations


Thank you so much for visiting + please feel free to reach out via our contact page in case you have any questions at all!  <3 

~ Alisha